Identifying and meeting your specific risks and needs

As leaders in conflict management training and true subject experts, Maybo has recruited some the best trainers and violence risk management specialists from a range of disciplines and sectors. This combination of knowledge and skills ensures our clients not only benefit from the highest quality training, they achieve the workplace outcomes and results they ultimately desire.

We take a consultative approach, working in partnership with our clients to gain a shared understanding of the unique needs and risks that face their service users, staff and organisation. This focuses on three key areas:

Context – Consideration of specific environmental and service user factors that affect the skills and knowledge needed by staff.

Behaviours – Detailed examination of the behaviours presented by service users, their underlying causes and associated risks for staff, service users and the organisation itself.

Activities- An in-depth understanding of staff roles and the responsibilities staff and the organisation have to each other and to their service users. 

With this information we design a tailored training programme for staff that is entirely relevant to their roles and meets the needs of all parties. 

We recognise that:

  • Training alone will not resolve conflict and violence, but designed and delivered well it is a vital ingredient in the solution
  • Each sector and organisation has unique features and needs that must be understood and respected
  • Our clients expect training to directly contribute to workplace outcomes and results
  • Training must be based on risk and need – not a ‘sheep dip’ approach
  • Budgets are tight and more than ever our clients need innovative, flexible, sustainable and cost effective training solutions
  • With the right advice and support most things are possible!

Maybo can help you navigate the challenges and achieve positive and sustainable outcomes.

Our team combines superb trainers with real world experience and genuine specialists in violence risk management who will help you with needs analysis, design, integration and support. Along the way we can help you refine policy and guidance and can advise on the other control measures that contribute to a safer environment for service users and staff.

The Maybo SAFER™ model has become the standard for dynamic risk assessment of violence risks. Maybo was the first organisation in its specialist field to develop the dynamic risk assessment concept, which is vital in helping staff assess conflict situations and make safer choices.

SAFER has become more than a model; it is a way of thinking and operating, with everyone’s best interests in mind.