Maybo Trainer Training

“Maybo's train the trainer programme has enabled us to deliver top quality, cost-effective training in-house to our staff”

Maybo's behaviour management trainer training programmes are recognised as being among the best available. Continual development and refinement of the content, skills, delivery resources and staff delegate materials ensure your trainers have access to high-quality presentation materials that provide your staff with a valuable learning experience.

Employers gain the flexibility and control to run market leading training programs when and where they choose and maintain subject expertise in-house, resulting in high quality, affordable and sustainable training solution.

Every staff delegate receives a high quality, full colour, illustrated handbook that provides a comprehensive post course aide memoir to check and refresh aspects of learning along with a Maybo certificate, as evidence of attendance.

Our trainer training model offers the advantage of one licence payment per year to allow accurate budgeting. It includes the use of our trainer resource centre, delegate ebooks, behavioural management tools, e certificates and elearning content as required. Our training specialists are available to provide support to your trainers when required. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.  

Trainer development programmes


Positive Approaches to Behaviour

Our Trainer Development Programme is open to and suitable for experienced trainers and those without formal training qualifications. 

All delegates must complete four hours of self-study online learning followed by a five-day course, during which they will experience the end-user programme and be taught to deliver each session within it. The practical course is engaging and is designed to provide as much practice time as possible. We apply a 1:8 trainer:delegate ratio to ensure each learner has all the support and coaching they need and follow a rigorous assessment process to validate learning standards.  

Our next Positive Approaches to Behaviour trainer development programme is 25-29 March 2019 in Brisbane

Physical Intervention

The sector, risk profile of frontline staff and the unique needs of service users will dictate the level of physical skills training needed (disengagement, holding, additional holding). This will affect the length of the physical intervention trainer development programme which can take from four to eight days. This programme is an extension of our core conflict management programme, with focus maintained on prevention and de-escalation. Only competent, experienced conflict management trainers can undertake this programme. 

The course combines theory and practical sessions to build on trainers' existing knowledge of conflict management. 

Our next Physical Intervention trainer developpment programme is 1-4 April 2019 in Brisbane


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