Transfer to workplace, integration and behaviour change

Violence is a dynamic and often unpredictable risk that can be complex to assess and manage. The right training will make an important contribution to service delivery and safety but it will only be truly effective when part of a wider strategy that tackles the root causes of conflict and reduces exposure to risk. We understand that training is a means to an end, not an end in itself, and therefore must be designed and delivered in partnership with a wider strategy in order to achieve truly effective results.

Maybo’s approach to violence reduction is consistent with that of the World Health Organisation focusing on primary, secondary and tertiary controls:


  • Identifying risks and triggers
  • Addressing root causes
  • Creating a positive environment and service
  • Ensuring staff have the necessary interpersonal skills to avoid, defuse and resolve conflict
  • Having emergency responses in place that for some roles may include physical skills


Violence reduction is our specialism and an area we continue to advise regulators, professional bodies and employers with regard to competencies and best practice.

Our ultimate goal is to help you to create a safe and positive environment for your service users and staff. Training is an important element of the strategy towards achieving this.


As a Maybo client you automatically benefit from our violence reduction tools and guidance including:

  • Guidance on employer and regulatory requirements
  • Support with all aspects of policy, risk assessments and control measures
  • Help identifying training needs and workable solutions
  • Access to our Resource Centre and a wealth of management tools
  • Bespoke design options and integration with workplace learning and policy
  • Comprehensive survey and evaluation tools
  • Guaranteed training results, service and support levels