Workplace Presentation & Coaching, delivered by Maybo or by you

Maybo recognises that awareness levels and psychomotor skills soon fade and that local services need support from time to time to deal with new challenges. We have therefore developed a leading edge skills coaching and problem solving model that allows local champions to refresh peoples' skills in the workplace and help resolve problems as they arise and before they become chronic.

Combined with our comprehensive workplace learning resources and e-learning our clients know that their investment in training is sustainable in the mid to long term.

We can train nominated individuals in your organisation to coach our skills set and equip them with an extensive range of interactive paper-based and online resources, including a full library of video clips or all of our physical intervention skills. Together with our coaching model they will have the confidence and competence to support frontline staff with post-incident learning, problem solving and refreshing their skills. 

This approach has proved particularly effective in supporting the transfer of knowledge and skills learnt on training courses into the workplace, enabling frontline staff to discuss with their peers how to apply the learning from the training to better protect themselves and their service users. 

To find out more about how our coaching model and resources can bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace please get in touch.