Upskill staff and improve participants quality of life with our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) eLearning

    Finding time to undertake staff training can be difficult, which is why our industry-leading eLearning is designed to provide a flexible, cost-effective approach to training, which your staff can undertake anytime, anywhere.

    Our courses are enhanced by videos, Q&As and exercises designed to successfully transfer learning into practice, and in doing so, create long-lasting change in your organisation as well as providing safer outcomes for your staff and participants. The engaging and easy-to-understand content follows best practice and has been created by internationally recognised industry experts.

    Maybo’s eLearning programmes utilise the latest learning technologies, realistic scenarios and interactive exercises to offer an engaging self-study learning experience and you will swiftly see evidence of new the new knowledge your staff gain from the training undertaken. In turn, you will be able to demonstrate that your team has comprehensive understanding to reduce restrictive practice and improve quality of life for people with a disability – a key requirement of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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    What does PBS training consist of?

    The Maybo PBS eLearning programme specifically provides an introduction to PBS for people providing care and support to people living with intellectual disabilities or autism. 

    Learners will benefit from an insight into the functionality of behaviour, and the increased self-awareness necessary to progress to a Core Behaviour Support Practitioner role. As a provider, you will be able to evidence your staff’s competencies in line with NDIS use standards. 

    The PBS eLearning consists of four modules:

    •  Promoting Human Rights and Reducing Restrictive Practices |40m
    •  Understanding Behaviours: A PBS Approach | 30m
    •  Observing Behaviour to Inform PBS Plans and Strategies | 30m
    •  Implementing Person-Centred Active Support | 30m

    How will training impact your staff?

    Your staff will also learn how to contribute to behaviour-informed positive behavioural support plans and strategies, as well as having a good understanding of:

    • Principles of person-centred and active support
    • Characteristics, factors and functions of behaviour
    • Observing behaviour to inform PBS plans and strategies 
    • Putting PBS into practice 
    • Benefits of improved social roles and improving quality of life in practice
    • Supporting the development of new skills and relationships

    N.B Providers and staff implementing these supports must be properly screened and appropriately trained.

    How will training benefit participants?

    Ensuring people with disability have access to the services and support that allows them to live their best lives and participate fully in their communities, is a fundamental human right.

    Our PBS training is an evidence-based approach that aims to improve quality of life, decrease frequency and severity of behaviours of concern, and can reduce and eliminate the use of restrictive practices.

    Quality of life improvements manifest through inclusion, connection, and engagement with others.

    Maybo’s PBS training will give your staff the skills to provide a person-centred, values-based high standard of care, enabling the people they support to participate in social communal activity and to achieve their individual goals and aspirations.

    How can Maybo’s PBS help me to meet NDIS practice standards?

    Under the NDIS Commission, behaviour support focuses on person-centred interventions to address the underlying causes of behaviours of concern, while safeguarding the dignity and quality of life of people with disability who require specialist behaviour support.

    There is significant overlap in the required learning outcomes for an entry-level NDIS ‘core behaviour support practitioner’ and Maybo’s PBS online learning programme. Contact us for more detailed information on the areas where our programme content has been mapped to evidence coverage of the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators.

    $2m funding available for Western Australia

    In May 2020 the government announced an AU $2 million funding grant to National Disability Services in Western Australia (WA) to meet the skills development and workforce needs of the disability sector.

    The funding aims to ensure WA is ready to meet the quality and safeguarding requirements of the Australia-wide NDIS from December 1, 2020.

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