Advice on how to manage conflict in a hospitality setting with Bill Fox

    The Maybo Founder shares his top tips for conflict management with Parks Business Magazine

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    • 17.01.22

    How can conflict arise in a leisure setting? What is the best approach to manage conflict in a holiday park? How important is staff training and security? Can the environment impact behaviour?

    Bill Fox, founder of Maybo, discussed the answers to these questions with Parks Business Magazine, whilst providing helpful tips on dealing with conflict while running a holiday park. In the article, Bill explains how challenging behaviour can take many forms; from a guest’s anger at expectations not being met, to conflict arising from COVID-19 rules being ignored, which is why training is so important.

    Training is the key control measure. All staff should be versed in the procedures and how they can help de-escalate conflict and stay safe

    Making sure outside factors, for example, contracted security, are working with you to reduce the risk of behaviours of concern is also vital, as well as checking security providers and their staff hold correct licences, such as Security Industry Authority Badges. to guarantee a safer work environment.

    Bill also suggested anticipating and rehearsing responses to foreseeable flashpoints and behaviours of concern, setting out five key tips for managing conflict: 

    1. Discuss and write down key conflict flashpoints and risk behaviours in your environment

    2. Review arrangements in place to prevent and manage these including safety and security measures

    3. Establish what you expect each team member to do to reduce conflict and respond to an escalation

    4. Provide guidance and training in practical skills on the above

    5. Debrief regularly to draw learning and improve

    These tips can be used in any sector and are the key to avoiding conflict in the workplace. 

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