New Training Module: Communicating with People Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis

    Essential skills that frontline staff don't get on mental health first aid and awareness training

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    • 22.05.23

    We are proud to announce the launch of our latest training module, 'Communicating with People Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis'. 

    This half-day course is designed to equip frontline workers with the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate with people undergoing a mental health crisis.

    Led by experienced trainers, this interactive and engaging course covers a range of topics including recognising the signs of a mental health crisis, appropriate response strategies, effective listening and communication techniques, and de-escalation methods. This course can be delivered onsite or virtually and a train-the-trainer pathway is available.

    Influencing a positive and safer outcome

    • Recognise a mental health crisis and imminent risks of harm
    • Be aware of potential causes and symptoms
    • Fulfil duty of care responsibilities
    • Engage and build trust and rapport
    • Respond to escalation signs and create safety
    • Secure appropriate help and support
    • Be non-judgemental and act in the person's best interests

    Available now for individuals, teams and trainers

    This course can be delivered onsite or virtually, by our trainers or yours.

    Individuals and small numbers

    Individuals can attend one of our monthly virtual open courses and learn alongside people from a variety of organisations, sharing experiences and challenges and learning a positive and safer approach together.

    Upcoming course dates in 2023:  

    • 20th June, 9am-1pm
    • 17th July, 9am-1pm
    • 14th August, 9am-1pm

    Book a course via Maybo's eStore


    Teams can be trained together on a course personalised for their role and the scenarios they encounter, delivered by a highly experienced Maybo Senior Trainer onsite or virtually.

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    Your Maybo certified in-house trainers can upgrade their certification to include this new module by completing a supported distance learning programme led by a specialist Senior Maybo Trainer.

    After completing one of the open courses above trainers will undertake 2-4 hours of supported self-study in Maybo's online learning centre and then attend one of the following Module Familiarisation workshops:

    • 26th June, 9am-1pm
    • 22nd August, 9am-1pm

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