Department for Education highlights link between behaviour and pupil’s learning outcomes

    New Hubs aim to develop approaches to address poor behaviour

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    • 28.02.21

    The Department for Education (DoE) has highlighted the link between behaviour in school and attainment outcomes whilst launching a series of Behaviour Hubs across England. 

    The Behaviour Hubs aim to enable schools and multi-academy trusts with exemplary behaviour cultures to work with partner schools that want and need to improve behaviour in their school. Together, they will work to identify areas for improvement, diagnose specific issues and develop new approaches to address behaviours that challenge. 

    The DoE said that good behaviour generally leads to:

    • More time to focus on teaching and learning
    • Students achieving more academically and socially
    • Improved staff satisfaction, higher retention and less problematic recruitment Behaviour hubs

    Maybo perspective

    Schools can become extremely high pressured, stressful environments that can cause pupils, parents or even staff to act out of character. If poorly managed, minor incidents can quickly escalate into aggressive and challenging behaviour, which can represent a safety risk to staff and pupils, so we welcome the government’s focus on behaviour.

    Our comprehensive training curriculum aims to provide staff with effective policies, controls, awareness and skills that help to prevent and manage challenging behaviours in order to create a conducive learning environment.

    From positive communication skills, to how best to support children with additional needs, we work to understand the needs and requirements of schools and develop bespoke training programmes that will help to create long-lasting positive change. Through this, we can create positive and safer learning environments.

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