Department of Education announces plans to place social workers in schools

    Measures aim to help spot signs of abuse and neglect

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    • 22.05.20

    Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, has announced nearly £10m for projects aimed at boosting the educational outcomes of vulnerable children and keeping them safe from harm.

    As part of the measures, social workers are to be placed in 150 schools to help spot signs of abuse and neglect and work with teachers to support children at risk.

    Currently, 18% of referrals to children’s social services are through schools. 

    Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “The stark reality is that too many children are growing up at risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation. These are the most vulnerable in society, and the ones that most need our help. For these children, schools offer a safe space to get support, develop resilience and fulfil their potential.

    That is why, as schools begin opening more widely and we look to the future, we must take all the steps we can to protect these children. By bringing social workers into schools we can spot the warning signs more quickly.”

    Department for Education: Social workers to work with teachers in schools

    TES: Social workers deployed in schools to spot neglect

    Maybo perspective

    • Teachers are often the first to identify concerns for the well-being of their pupils and will welcome support.
    • Recent webinars from the Trauma Action Group have given real insights as to the different experiences of children and families during lockdown - many positive, yet for some children, it will have been a nightmare: click here
    • Maybo training click here helps teachers look behind behaviours of concern which can be signs of deeper problems.
    • Our new training on understanding trauma and trauma-informed approaches has been developed with specialists at TAG: click here

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