IOSH Webinar: Violence and aggression against staff in the public sector

    Featuring Maybo Chairman, Bill Fox, 4th October at 2pm BST

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    • 30.09.21

    Studies show that over a third of public sector staff have been violently attacked or threatened at work. It is a widespread issue that must be addressed in order to create positive and safer workplaces. 

    Maybo Chairman and Founder, Bill Fox, will be discussing the issue and outlining how to develop organisational strategies to address violence in the workplace at the IOSH Public Services Group webinar:

    Violence and aggression to staff in the public sector – an organisational approach, on Monday 4th October at 2pm BST

    The event will also be attended by Unison and the HSE. Kim Sunley from Unison will provide an overview of the topic from an employee perspective and the HSE will provide insight into the legal aspects of the issue. 

    Webinar recording available here

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