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    • 08.12.23

    Jason Hendrie’s important work has taken him across the globe, working in Child Protection and Juvenile Justice as a Youth Worker, Case Manager, Supervisor, Behaviour Support Manager and many more responsibilities spanning the full breadth of care.

    From 20 years in the South Australian Government to several stints in the UAE as a Subject Matter Expert for the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Police, Jason has accumulated vast expertise in creating the kind of outcomes that Maybo strives for every day.

    His success stems in part from his direct and honest approach to the human experience. From speaking to Jason, it becomes clear that his compassion and understanding are a huge part of the way he operates. He views building relationships and connections with those requiring help as an important step in learning. 

    Through storytelling and analogies, training becomes even more accessible, whereby people can better understand the purpose, consequences, and rewards of behavioural shifts. One of the tools Jason uses in this regard is “Know Your Speed Limit”. He describes a situation where you may be driving 60kms on the street you live on, but then the speed changes and is reduced to 40kms due to urban expansion. We may be reluctant to make this change because we are used to the old speed, or we don’t believe the change is justified. 

    Jason then likes to ask:

    What could be the consequences of our actions? What is the meaning behind the choices we make?

    At this point, Jason links the situation back to the workplace. When legislation changes or policy, procedures, or work practices evolve, it is often to ensure the safety and duty of care of others. Keeping this in mind can help us embrace these changes so we don’t end up maintaining or falling into old habits. As with all things, change can be a long process and Jason’s approach means working hard to ensure training recipients take the time to reflect on what they’ve learned. 

    Jason reiterates that not every session is going to look or feel the same. 

    Our training is strongly contextualised to the client’s needs providing a unique level of flexibility.

    Like all of Maybo’s trainers, Jason makes sure to listen and explore ideas with learners, often leading to what he calls the “Aha moment” where things really start to make sense. Creating an open, collaborative, and non-judgemental space allows learners to get the most out of these scenarios, especially when intertwined with self-reflection.

    Based in South Australia, Jason has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of organisations across the nation, and continues to learn and adapt to each challenge. Jason makes sure clients are receiving training that creates the best possible outcomes for their employees and those they interact and work with. Whether it’s onsite 1-day training, or building relationships over time through Train the Trainer, Jason reflects the strong values of Maybo throughout, where dignity, respect, compassion, and empathy are at the heart of everything they do.

    Jason himself sees the ocean as a way of returning his balance and taking the time to recharge. Anything, from exercise to meditation, to cooking and gardening, or simply seeing family and friends, can be a great way to stay open, refreshed, and ready to make positive changes.

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