Lack of awareness and understanding of disability rights leading to abuse and mistreatment

    Greater education called for to ensure the choice and control of individuals are respected

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    • 21.04.21

    A report published by The Disability Royal Commission has found that despite one in five (4.4 million) Australians living with a disability, widespread lack of awareness and understanding of their rights, is resulting in people becoming victims of abuse and mistreatment. 

    According to participants, these views often lead to the assumption that people with disabilities cannot make their own decisions, which results in them being unable to exercise choice and control over their lives. 

    One woman with disability in her early fifties said: “In her entire life to date, she had been told what she ‘could’ do or was ‘allowed’ to do, but that she had never before been asked what she might want.”

    As a result of this treatment, there has been calls for greater education on the rights of people with disability, with schools being highlighted as a key area for this to be undertaken, as well as for reforms to be implemented that will promote supported decision making. 

    Disability Royal Commission: Routinely ignoring rights of people with disability a key factor in mistreatment

    Maybo perspective

    Maybo has found that people often fail to recognise that some of their practices can be restrictive and influence outcomes or responses. We all need to recognise that if a person without a disability can do or have something, then why can a person with a disability not have the same? There needs to be a very big justification on why there is a restriction on a person's human rights. We have created our Understanding Human Rights and Reducing Restrictive Practices programmes which promote recognition and respect of human rights. click here

    The training is available as interactive eLearning and/or taught modules.

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