Communicating Safely using Maybo's Open PALMS™ Model

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    • 04.04.24

    Maybo’s Open PALMS™ Model helps us communicate positively while maintaining personal safety. Showing open hands with palms facing upwards is generally considered positive and non-threatening.

    This short video illustrates how the use of body language and positioning enable you to display non-aggression towards another person:



    Key Principles of the Open PALMS™ Model:

    1. Position - think about your position in the environment. Ensure you and the person you are communicating with have a clear exit path
    2. Attitude - adopt a positive and helpful approach
    3. Look and Listen - use appropriate eye contact and show you are listening
    4. Make Space - Maintain an appropriate distance for the situation (consider intimate space, social space and stranger space)
    5. Stance - stand slightly to one side as it’s less confrontational


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