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    • 18.11.21

    Maybo has partnered with the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) to bring independent retailers violence risk reduction training, tools and resources previously out of their reach. 

    NCBS is a not-for-profit initiative that works with the police and business community to help tackle business crime across the UK. 

    At this month's National Business Crime Conference, the largest business for business, crime event in the UK, NBCS General Manager, Peter Fisher, announced the launch of Connect Direct - a store led service that connects local efforts to reduce crime and increase safety nationally across the UK, targeting the most prolific and persistent offenders involved in shop theft, anti-social behaviour and abuse and violence towards store colleagues.

    Connect Direct provides businesses with an efficient and sustainable service which can be set up quickly in response to store vulnerability, bringing together:

    • A nationwide local network of business crime reduction operations (BCRPs, BIDs, shopping centres)
    • An intelligence sharing structure with streamlined incident reporting
    • A support network for all local partnerships to flourish and grow in line with member need
    • Specialised technology using a range of industry specialists and suppliers
    • Maybo' training and violence risk reduction solutions

    The service is delivered through a dedicated team of Business Crime Liaison Officers who directly support stores and liaise with police and local authorities to generate series-linked investigations, ensuring that incidents are not dealt with in silo and the true extent of offending is addressed. 

    NBCS Connect - Direct now brings Maybo’s expertise and training solutions to retailers of all sizes. Members receive free access to Maybo’s eLearning course for frontline staff, Reducing Conflict and Workplace Violence Risks, and with significant discounts on certified Maybo training programmes.

    At the launch event this month, Maybo's Chief Executive, Richard Smith, said "Independent retailers and their staff are at considerable risk of theft, abuse and violence but until now have lacked access to the expertise, resources and training available to larger businesses. Connect Direct is an innovative and much needed solution that Maybo is proud to support and that empowers smaller businesses to better protect their staff and customers."

    Sarah Bird, Connect lead at NBCS said “We all know that most of the crime committed in stores across the country is done by a small proportion of individuals. We also know that without the right level of intelligence, data sharing and engagement with the authorities, positive outcomes are challenging to achieve when we are dealing with volume crime.

    "Through Connect Direct, we put all our resources into targeting the top 20% of offenders committing 80% of the crime and to empower retail staff through education and provide them with the external support needed to help them protect themselves.

    "By working collaboratively with Maybo and existing local crime partnerships, we move one step closer to improving our national response to business crime reduction and demonstrate to our members our commitment to support them and their teams across the UK.”

    To find out more about Connect Direct speak to the NBCS team on 0800 080 6016 or email

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