Reducing risk and achieving positive outcomes in the workplace

    Karen Paull, Account Manager at Maybo explains the positive impact Maybo training has for organisations and individuals

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    • 06.10.21

    Having encountered Maybo training at a previous organisation, Karen was impressed with the training and support provided to customers and so when an opportunity to work for the organisation became available, she jumped at the chance. 

    Here, she takes us through her career journey to date and shares the pride she experiences due to the impact Maybo training has upon customers.

    What does your role consist of on a daily basis? 

    My role is to ensure our customers receive timely information and support on our wide range of Maybo products. I have a varied role that involves listening to the needs of our customers and pairing them with our training in order to help overcome their unique challenges. 

    What led you to undertake a career in this field?

    I have always worked in the customer service industry and have a background in learning and development. I started as a Maybo trainer with my previous organisation and was drawn to Maybo as I loved everything about the training, the Maybo team, and the ongoing support they provide to customers. 

    What do you love most about your job? 

    No two days are the same! I particularly enjoy building relationships with customers and identifying their individual needs. And I also like hearing the positive outcomes that result from our training.

    What outcomes do you hope the work you undertake will help to achieve?

    My main hope is that Maybo continues to support organisations in reducing risk in the workplace for their staff and clients. I hope that I can continue to assist in that process.

    What are your career highlights? 

    The opportunity offered to me to become an Account Manager and be part of the Maybo team is a career highlight. I get a real sense of privilege from being involved in an innovative and dynamic organisation like Maybo. I enjoyed travelling to remote areas to engage with staff and understand their needs, with the aim of achieving positive outcomes for the organisation. 

    It is great to receive good news stories every day from our customers about the positive impact the training we have delivered has had.

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