Safe Work Australia sets out new national guidelines to prevent workplace violence and aggression

    Employers responsible for implementing adequate measures to protect staff

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    • 01.02.21

    Safe Work Australia has published new health and safety guidance that aims to help protect staff from sexual harassment, violence and aggression in the workplace. 

    The guidelines support the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA), which requires employers to provide a safe workplace, take care of the physical and psychological well-being of staff and take steps to recognise, assess and control hazards.

    The new resources provide practical guidance to businesses on preventing and responding to workplace violence and aggression, such as providing a safe physical work environment, safe systems of work and what to do if a violent incident occurs.

    Martyn Campbell, Executive Director of Safe Work SA, said: “The guides provide clear and helpful advice to workers and businesses in understanding how they can manage and control the risks associated with these types of incidents.

    I strongly encourage businesses and workers to read the new guides and understand how to best provide a safe working environment for everyone.”

    Safe Work SA: New National guides on inappropriate behaviours released

    Safe Work Australia: Preventing workplace sexual harassment, violence and aggression

    Maybo perspective

    If you would like to develop further understanding of what measures you need to have in place to meet national regulations or are considering undertaking training, we would be happy to discuss your needs and requirements: click here

    For over 20 years Maybo has been dedicated to helping organisations reduce risks surrounding behaviours of concern and workplace violence through the design and delivery of engaging, outcome-focused tuition. Our trainers have worked in operational roles across sectors, which uniquely positions them to provide subject expertise that is enhanced by real-world experience. This ensures learning is realistic, relevant and accurately reflects the challenges encountered in the workplace.

    Our training covers both physical and psychological violence and aggressive behaviours which can happen face-to-face, over the phone or online. We also explore hazards and risks which may lead to violence and provide practical ways to manage those risks with the aim of helping organisations to ensure workplaces are free from the risk of harm.

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