The Outstanding Security Performance Awards Webinar - Responding to aggressive people: the implications for the security sector

    Featuring Maybo Chairman, Bill Fox, 14th October at 3.30pm BST.

      • Sector News
    • 11.10.21

    Those working in the security sector are at the forefront of daily interactions with the public. Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve witnessed increased abuse against these frontline workers, from being coughed over to being attacked. 

    What are the lessons learnt, do changes need to be made? If so, what and how? 

    Maybo Founder and Chairman, Bill Fox, will share insight on the matter at the OSPAs “Responding to aggressive people: the implications for the security sector” webinar on Thursday, 14th October at 3.30pm BST.

    The event will be chaired by Dr Janice Goldstraw-White. Bill will be joined by fellow panellists Chidi Osuji, Criminology, security, peace, and conflict resolution expert and Asher Nardone, Campaigner and expert in Anti Social Behaviour. Registration is free.

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