Call Handling Training to help handle challenging and emotive calls

    Conflict, communication and behavioural issues can occur on the phone just as much as they do in person. And, due to Coronavirus, many staff are finding themselves having to handle emotive calls at home, away from their support network and the guidance of their wider team, or with reduced teams and resources.

    Maybo’s Call Handling Training helps to support staff by providing them with the communication skills to remain composed and professional in challenging situations, whilst delivering high standards of customer experience for your business.

    Protecting staff wellbeing and developing call handling skills

    More people are using remote telephone and online support services during COVID-19 restrictions, but as a result of longer hold times, more volatile personal circumstances and internet issues, customer frustrations have also increased.

    As a result, staff are often having to deal with highly charged calls whilst working from their own home. This brings new dynamics and potential anxieties over health and safety, as the boundaries between work and the personal space of home become blurred.

    Maybo’s Call Handling Training, delivered via Zoom, provides positive communication strategies for your staff so that they can recognise and mitigate against potential flashpoints in order to promote professional and respectful approaches in handling difficult calls.

    The five-hour online training course teaches call handlers how to positively engage with service users the moment they pick up the phone. This is key to preventing conflict, providing a positive impression and reducing tension – it really is a case of not just what we say, but the way we say it!

    Our Call Handling Training brings the following benefits:

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