• Positive Approaches to Behaviour

    • Maybo's conflict management, personal safety and lone worker training provides peace of mind that your colleagues have the skills to manage challenging situations safely

    Local Government and Public Services

    For over 20 years Maybo has played a leading role in the development of conflict management and risk reduction training. We support teams and lone workers to develop the skills and confidence to identify times where their personal safety may be at risk and use effective communication skills that can help to diffuse and resolve confrontational situations.

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    Local government is a diverse and varied sector, with people undertaking a number of different roles and responsibilities. Whether working remotely in an enforcement role, dealing with telephone enquiries, or running community services and libraries, staff need to be equipped with the skills to appropriately respond to behaviours of concern that may represent a risk to safety.

    Maybo's conflict management, personal safety, lone worker and de-escalation training provides peace of mind that your colleagues have the skills to manage challenging situations safely, whilst being respectful to the individuals they are engaged with.

    We believe that most conflict can be avoided or defused through positive communication skills, however, personal safety risks are greater in some environments and so we’ve developed our training curriculum to ensure everyone gets the level of training they need for their specific role.


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    • “Maybo is a fun, engaging Train the Trainer course and the experiential learning focus makes it tailored to our department and individual experiences, which means it changes every time and is flexible to the target group.”

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