• Maybo is a leader in conflict management training and workplace violence reduction for the transport industry

    Conflict Management and Personal Safety Training for the Transport Industry

    The transport sector is diverse with millions of customer interactions taking place across the country each day, but with this inevitably comes conflict and personal safety concerns. Maybo delivers conflict management and physical intervention training to staff throughout the transport sectors, including national and local bus and train operating companies, ferries and airports, with the aim of creating positive and safer outcomes for staff and passengers.

    Accredited training that creates long-lasting organisational change

    Workplace violence is a real and present challenge for transport staff due to the enforcement nature of the roles, remote working, sheer diversity and unpredictability of human behaviour.

    If poorly managed, minor incidents can quickly escalate into aggressive and challenging situations, which can represent a safety risk to staff, as well as potentially damaging the reputation of your organisation. 

    Maybo training programmes equip staff with the knowledge and skills so that they can manage difficult and challenging interactions, whilst providing excellent customer service to all passengers, including potentially vulnerable individuals. 


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    8.6m people use the rail network every day. Our training aims to create positive and safer journeys for each of these passengers

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    Maybo ensures staff in the transport industry havethe knowledge and skills to safely manage challenginginteractions, whilst providing excellent customer service

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    98.5% of Maybo courses have been rated as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ over the past 5 years

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    • A very effective and interesting course. It made me more aware of emotional behaviour, how it can escalate and how to deal with it.

      South Eastern Trains - Delegate

    • The Maybo courses give customer-facing staff workable tools to deal with difficult situations. Maybo Physical Intervention techniques are designed so that anyone irrespective of size, shape or gender can use them effectively. I have to give a special mention to the back office staff and trainers who have been exceptional with their ongoing support.

      First Group

    • "The Maybo training is going very well, over 600 staff covered to date. We have seen a decrease in incidents and injuries since the introduction of the Maybo principles which is an excellent result."

      Yarra Trams, Victoria AU - Manager

    • Maybo are: responsive to our needs; invest in the development of their team; update their programme content with the latest thinking and provide real value for money. Coupled with the fact that they are all very personable and helpful I would recommend them as a respected supplier of consultancy and training services.

      Transport for London - Learning & Development Manager

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