• Maybo is a leader in conflict management training and workplace violence reduction for the restaurant sector

    Conflict Management and Personal Safety Training for Cafés and Restaurants

    Maybo’s industry-leading training helps restaurant employees to develop personal safety awareness and communication skills that reduce conflict and better protect our people and businesses.

    Proven experience and expertise

    For approaching 20 years Maybo has supported some of the best-known café, restaurant and fast food brands. Operators in the UK, Europe, US, Canada and Australia are currently benefiting from our advice on policy and controls and flexible training for key customer-facing roles in their businesses.

    Our clients experience challenges ranging from angry customers to people behaving in ways that are of concern and a risk to themselves or others. This can include individuals and groups that are intoxicated and disruptive and the behaviour of some members of the street community who can be challenging and also vulnerable.

    We believe that while it is impossible to control every situation, our colleagues can influence safe outcomes through a positive attitude and approach. By being proactive they can defuse customer frustrations and also play a key role in deterring illegitimate and unwelcome behaviours.

    Our comprehensive resources enable stores to provide cost-effective training relevant to each role performed, from sales assistants to managers and security professionals where deployed. We offer the flexibility to provide baseline training through eLearning then courses (delivered by our trainers or yours) for key roles and ‘hotspots’, with tailoring options for your specific needs.

    Maybo programmes are highly relevant, addressing the key scenarios retail colleagues can experience on a day to day basis. Our latest eLearning programme ‘Reducing Conflict and Violence Risks’ covers COVID:19 related conflict, including handling frustrations over restrictions and conflict between customers.

    Maybo Training Programmes

    Explore the range of training modules in Maybo's restaurant curriculum below

    • eLearning

    • Classroom

    • Train the Trainer

    • Virtual Classroom

    • Preventing Conflict and Reducing Risk

      This module is for people who regularly interact with customers or members of the public in their role.

      Reducing Work-related Violence Risks

      • Workplace violence and difficult behaviours
      • Rights and responsibilities
      • Planing to reduce conflict and risk

      Signs and Causes of Escalating Conflict

      • Common causes of difficult behaviours
      • Instinctive reactions to emotional or threatening situations
      • Potential triggers in self and others
      • Levels of escalation

      Positive Interactions and Choices

      • People's needs and expectations
      • Influencing positive outcomes
      • Overcoming barriers to communication

      Delivery methods:

      • eLearning eLearning
      • Classroom Classroom
      • Train the Trainer Train the Trainer
      • Virtual Classroom Virtual Classroom
    • Safer De‑escalation

      This module covers de-escalation strategies to alleviate a situation and achieve a positive and safer outcome.

      Dynamic Risk Assessment

      • Maybo SAFER model
      • Risk identification
      • Informed decision-making

      De-escalation Skills

      • Positive, non-aggressive approaches
      • Safer positioning and teamworking skills
      • Strategies to defuse, calm and resolve

      Personal Safety and Post-incident

      • Confronting behaviour
      • Heightened risk indicators
      • Exit strategies in higher-risk situations
      • Post-event impact and responsibilities

      Delivery methods:

      • eLearning eLearning
      • Classroom Classroom
      • Train the Trainer Train the Trainer
      • Virtual Classroom Virtual Classroom
    • The online training has worked well. We’ve been able to reduce abstraction time for staff for direct training from two days to one.

      Debenhams - Operations Team

    • The course alerted managers to how sensitive management of people after a violent incident can reduce trauma symptoms and aid recovery.

      Mothercare - Profit Protection

    • Everyone who attended yesterday’s session was absolutely full of praise for the course and the training, I have had excellent feedback on pretty much every aspect of the delivery and content. If we need any further training we will certainly be in immediate contact with Maybo.

      Tate Modern - Production Manager

    • The delegates, who were from a diverse range of Tate departments, each found it relevant to their areas and everyone I talked to reported gaining loads of new practical tools and increased confidence in communications.

      Tate Modern - Production Manager

    • Excellent training session. Kept us all interested for the whole day. Would highly recommend.

      McDonald's Restaurants - Delegate

    • The level of service and attentiveness to client needs is unparalleled.


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