• Understanding children and young people and developing positive approaches to their behaviour

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    Maybo training helps staff, pupils and parents to benefit from positive and safer learning environments

    Award-winning training that creates long-lasting organisational change

    Schools can become extremely high pressured, stressful environments that can cause pupils, parents or even staff to act out of character. 

    If poorly managed, minor incidents can quickly escalate into aggressive and challenging behaviour, which can represent a safety risk to staff and pupils, as well as potentially damaging the reputation of your school.

    Our comprehensive training curriculum aims to ensure that you have the effective policies and controls in place to safeguard your staff and provide them with the awareness and skills that are required to prevent and manage challenging behaviours.

    From positive communication skills, to how best to support children with additional needs, by working together to understand your needs and requirements we can develop bespoke training programmes that will help to create long-lasting positive change in your school, so that staff and children can benefit from positive and safer environments.

    Why Maybo?

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    Nine in 10 teachers say they have been verbally or physically abused from pupils in the past year

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    Our training aims to ensure staff and pupils benefit from positive and safer learning environments

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    98.5% of Maybo courses are rated as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’

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    • Maybo’s ‘Open Palms’ non-verbal communication signal has made a real difference in the way our staff are managing difficult situations.

      Downs Park School

    • The relevance of the training to children being first and foremost was utmost in our minds when we commissioned this package for our teams. The language use and the way of thinking about impact and understanding has been amazing. There is a real buzz in our residential homes and people keep asking for more!

      States of Jersey - Head of Service, Children, Young People, Education and Skills

    • Our staff team absolutely loved the training and found it to be the most useful and thought-provoking training they had ever been on. One person said ‘why did we not have this 30 years ago when I started?’.

      States of Jersey - Head of Service, Children, Young People, Education and Skills

    • The most useful job-related course I have been on.

      University of Sussex - Staff Member

    • The response from our teaching team has been very positive: all staff enjoyed the Maybo sessions and said that they had learned useful and practical skills. Teachers who had been through a variety of other trainings said that this was the best that they had attended.

      Priory School - Deputy Headteacher

    • Springboard would like to thank the Maybo team for delivering training to us. It was very useful, the feedback was very positive, and the trainer was excellent.

      PBS Mentor - Springboard Education

    • Our team walked away with some new “tactics” so to speak on how to react and respond when situations arise. It was great that the Trainer was able to apply the strategies and training in relation to our day to day encounters. It was easy to relate to, with various real life examples and scenarios.

      University of South Australia, Facilities Management Unit.

    • Maybo training has changed the way we look at managing challenging behaviour and has led to some very positive results.

      Downs Park School

    • Before our Maybo training, the trend was to escort pupils demonstrating challenging behaviour to a less public place to deal with the issue, which often caused the negative behaviour to increase. Maybo's Open Palms approach gives a calming message that pupils will not be held or lead away and the incident is now more often calmed and dealt with without aggression.

      Downs Park School

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