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    Conflict Management and Personal Safety Training for Universities and Colleges

    Maybo conflict management, personal safety and physical intervention training, aims to ensure that teaching staff, students, security, event managers and facilities teams can benefit from positive and safer learning environments across schools and university sites.

    Proven experience and expertise 

    Maintaining the safety and security of students, staff, the public and college or university properties across an expansive site, requires well-trained staff that can deliver consistent and professional responses to conflict situations. Our training solutions contribute in key areas:

    Estates and facilities

    Positive communication and support training which helps to ensure that halls of residence and facilities staff can manage emotive, challenging behaviours.

    Students and staff

    Personal safety training that provides professional services and academic staff with the skills and confidence to safely calm and defuse conflict situations.


    Maybo training programmes

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    Maybo training available through multiple training methods as seen below.

    • eLearning

    • Classroom

    • Train the Trainer

    • Virtual Classroom

    • Preventing Conflict and Reducing Risk

      This module is for people who regularly interact with customers or members of the public in their role.

      Reducing Work-related Violence Risks

      • Workplace violence and difficult behaviours
      • Rights and responsibilities
      • Planing to reduce conflict and risk

      Signs and Causes of Escalating Conflict

      • Common causes of difficult behaviours
      • Instinctive reactions to emotional or threatening situations
      • Potential triggers in self and others
      • Levels of escalation

      Positive Interactions and Choices

      • People's needs and expectations
      • Influencing positive outcomes
      • Overcoming barriers to communication

      Delivery methods:

      • eLearning eLearning
      • Classroom Classroom
      • Train the Trainer Train the Trainer
      • Virtual Classroom Virtual Classroom
    • Safer De‑escalation

      This module covers de-escalation strategies to alleviate a situation and achieve a positive and safer outcome.

      Dynamic Risk Assessment

      • Maybo SAFER model
      • Risk identification
      • Informed decision-making

      De-escalation Skills

      • Positive, non-aggressive approaches
      • Safer positioning and teamworking skills
      • Strategies to defuse, calm and resolve

      Personal Safety and Post-incident

      • Confronting behaviour
      • Heightened risk indicators
      • Exit strategies in higher-risk situations
      • Post-event impact and responsibilities

      Delivery methods:

      • eLearning eLearning
      • Classroom Classroom
      • Train the Trainer Train the Trainer
      • Virtual Classroom Virtual Classroom

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